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The latest RLCS original content for the 2022 season

Winter Trade Window Takes

It’s been an amazing first split to start off this RLCS season, with many great storylines and success, unfortunately, not everyone can rise to the...

Fall Major Recap

RLCS Fall Major has wrapped up and we saw some fantastic rocket league. Aucksey gives us his takes on what teams shined, and what teams crumbled

RLCS Teams - Black Friday Deals

Check out these Black Friday deals from esports organizations. List will be updating frequently.

Faze Clan: Their RLCS Story

FaZe Clan is a prominent name in all of esports history. Aucksey tells the journey of Faze in the RLCS and Rocket League

Top 6 EU Team Expectations: Aucksey

Following up Aucksey's NA team expectations, hes back to give us his take on the European region.

Top 6 NA Team Expectations: Aucksey

Aucksey thows his hat into the ring with how he thinks the top dogs of last season’s North American region will perform this time round.

Welcome RL Designer: Ivel

Checkout some of these sick custom rocket league decals, and welcome in our newest fantasy rocket league member: Ivel

Intel World Open with Aucksey

Aucksey goes over the players for the Intel World Open, and which players and combinations could give you the edge over your league opponents.

Community Creators: Furphy

Our first rocket league community creator spotlight is Furphy, a motion and graphics designer.

NA Spring Team Previews

The first NA spring event is this weekend, and, like for the EU event, we will be previewing all 20 teams

Fantasy summary for EU Regional 1

Fantasy Rocket League has concluded for the first european event in the spring series. Here's what we noticed.

EU Regional 1 Preview

With the first major of the spring split for RLCS X coming up, we will be doing short team previews by groups to see what’s changed in the European...

FanRL Beta Test has completed!

The winter split beta test for is complete. Thank you for those who helped test fantasy rocket league and troubleshoot any problems you...

Grid North America Week 4 Top Players

See who were the top performers from the RLCS X Grid North America Week 4 were. Did you have any of these players on your fantasy team?