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New Features (2022)

September 27th, 2022
Written By: BigFan
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Hey guys, BigFan here (I feel like billy mays), I wanted to update you with everything that's been happening at FanRL HQ during this RLCS offseason. Also, to let you know some things that we're currently working on, and the features you'll be seeing later on this fantasy season. I'll keep this article updated as I check things off.

Last Updated: 9/27/22

If you notice any problems with the website, please message me (BigFan) on discord. I try to catch all the bugs I can but your help would be massively appreciated.

Whats New

The majority of the offseason was spent working on the new Snake Draft feature. Many people messaged me about this last season, and I'm very happy to have something available. If you haven't tried it out yet, its a ton of fun, especially with a group of friends. You can learn more about the snake draft feature here. Brainstorming, and coming up with structure that would fit the RLCS format wasn't easy, but luckily Fox was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Like myself, he's been playing fantasy sports for a long time, and so together, our half sized brains, came together to form one subpar brain, and give you guys the snake draft feature. This 2022-2023 season will be the first time we've had this type of format for playing fantasy rlcs. It was a challenge merging what we wanted to happen, with how the rlcs format currently works, but we hope you guys enjoy it, and hopefully we can continue to make adjustments and really make it into something everyone can be excited about.

  • Snake Draft Leagues
    • Drafting System
    • League Sizes
    • Head to Head Matchups
    • Bench Players
    • League Point System
    • Timezones
  • Invite people via email address
  • Updated new players & rosters
  • Auto carry over teams
  • New FanRL Logo (as voted by you guys)
  • Homepage redesign
  • Fixed issue with team names not working

Coming Soon

There's a good chuck of this that will be added in the next 2 weeks hopefully

  • Snake Draft features
    • Matchups & Schedule pages LMAO
    • trading players
    • waiver wire
    • pause/reset draft
    • protecting players (for majors)
  • Table view for 'My Team'
  • Fantasy RLCS Tutorials
  • Improved draft search/filtering
  • Fantasy Rankings by our Analysts
special shoutout to the group that helped put together our player rankings list
  • RhawketS
  • Heyz
  • Eclair
  • Kiddish
  • Fox

Thank you guys for being patient this offseason, and dealing with my many delays before launch. I'm really trying to make this fantasy rlcs website the best I possibly can. FanRL is about community and its you guys that actually make it fun. As always, if you have suggestions or just wanna shit talk EU, hit me up - BigFan