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Fantasy summary for EU Regional 1

March 15th, 2021
Written By: maachV
Fantasy summary for EU Regional 1 news article photo

The first fantasy rocket league event is in the books for the rlcs x spring series. The european regional didn't disappoint, with some big plays and dramatic moments. Here's a short summary of how the RLCS X event went down.

Another RLCS tournament, another BDS Win

Rocket League Fans from around the world could have guessed the winner of this one before the tournament even started...Team BDS took home the RLCS X Regional 1 Championship on Sunday, March 14th 2021. This event was the team's 5th RLCS X regional Win!. BDS's performance was once again dominant, and even North America fans have to be considering BDS as the best team in the world. They're breaking RLCS records left and right, and doing so with ease. One of my favorite moments from the broadcast was at the end of the event, when johnnyboi_i said something along the lines of "BDS could split up their team, have every player take a third of their RLCS X points, and still be qualified for worlds!". This is was just a funny statement, but the truth in it, really goes to show how BDS is making the EU region look like childs play.

There were a couple of teams that put up some resistance to BDS's dominance, but the biggest threat I felt was Galaxy Racer. That matchup had the intensisty and excitment of a championship, even though it was only Day 1 of the regional. Galaxy racer wasn't backing down and looked like they could have taken any game away from BDS. The highlight from the matchup was a 15+ minute overtime game that ended with a nasty Arju air dribble goal.

New faces

There were a few new RLCS X teams that were impressive and made it to the Quarterfinals of the EU Regional Tournament. Rocket league teams: White Demons, Aether, and Godsmillas's Team had a good tournament run and I look forward to see if they can reproduce this result in the next regional. Godsmilla's team actually beat Solary and went on to lose to Vitality in the Semifinals. Even though the team is new, they have some experienced pro players on their roster, including: Godsmilla, FreaKii, and AcroniK.

Quick Fantasy Rocket League stats

We've recently changed who we get our fantasy rocket league stats from. FanRL will now be using, which gives us much faster and in-depth statistics. You can view our full fantasy rocket league stat list, but here's a quick summary.

Top 5 Players (Points)
  1. Monkey Moon - 675.16
  2. Archie - 624.71
  3. Alpha54 - 617.74
  4. Mittaen - 594.43
  5. Extra - 582.01
Highest Shooting Percentage
  1. Zamue - 34.18% (497.34 total points)
  2. Kassio - 33.82% (525.78 total points)
  3. Mikeboy - 32.31% (489.12 total points)
  4. Itachi - 31.11% (574.54 total points)
  5. Scrub Killa - 28.21% (453.74 total points)

Fantasy Rocket League updates

Following this post we'll be adding more stats and blog posts to give you further analysis of and insight into the Rocket League teams and players. Stay tuned and good luck in the North America Regional 1 Fantasy Drafting.

If you missed out on the first fantasy rocket league event. Don't feel left out, you can still sign up for fantasy rocket league, and pick your team for North America.