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Majors Explained - Snake Draft Leagues

December 4th, 2022
Written By: BigFan
Majors Explained - Snake Draft Leagues news article photo
I wanted to clear a few things up about how fantasy rocket league will be played out for Majors tournaments in snake draft leagues. As always if you have any questions DM BigFan on the FanRL Discord or on twitter
Major tournament rosters moves will not affect your future regional fantasy rosters

  • The players that you pick for the major will not affect what players will be on your team moving forward. When you play a regional (non-major) event your team has always been copied over from the previous regional; and it will continue to do that. So when the first regional for the winter split starts, your team will be copied over from the last regional event from the fall.
Redrafting your fantasy roster

  • Unlike traditional fantasy snake draft leagues, FanRL has multiple drafts throughout the fantasy season. At the beginning of the season there’s a full roster draft, and a small draft for each major/worlds
3 Players and No Bench

  • Snake draft league rosters will consist of 3 players instead of the normal 8. We did this because there’s only 48 total players attending the major, and for bigger leagues that would mean some rosters would have more playing than others
  • We took the bench out because rosters won’t carry over (which is the whole point of having a bench spot)
Keeper Players

  • Before the major drafting starts you’ll have the option to keep any player that was on your roster in the previous regional (Fall Major = player from Fall Regional 3)
  • Keeping players is optional, so don’t feel like you need to keep anyone if you don’t want to. The maximum number of players you can keep is 3.
  • You can only keep players that made the major.
  • We want to reward people that have picked up good players from their fantasy team in the beginning of the season and through free agency.
  • The number of players you decide to keep is the number of picks in the draft that you forfeit. For example, let's say you only keep 1 player. Your first pick in the draft will go towards your keeper player. You’ll still have your next 2 draft picks to choose any player still available.
  • This is a new concept, but I think it’s smart sometimes to not pick 3 keepers just because you can. Obviously it depends on what regions your league uses and how many people are in your league.