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Fantasy Spotlight: Fall Cup

November 3rd, 2022
Written By: Fox
Fantasy Spotlight: Fall Cup news article photo
The wild events from the first regional pale in comparison to what the Fall Cup brought across all regions. North America has had the dominant European transfers on Gen.G take up a spot in the grand finals in back-to-back events, just to be 1776’ed by the Americans. In Europe, Open Qual teams (Vitality) make it to the semi-finals, while the other… other French super team, KC, grabbed their first regional win. MENA showed their depth by having 3 different teams make the Grand Finals with two separate winners through the first two events. But the region's foundation showed as Falcons took home the Fall Cup win. The Club have quickly replaced Furia as the top team of SAM, as they didn’t drop a single game (yes, you read that right) in their route to taking home another win. OCE balanced back out as both PWR and Pioneers made the finals, with the former taking the win. APAC and SSA both continue to be dominated by their respective super teams, but signs of both regions growing are starting to become apparent. The RLCS season is now in full swing and with teams starting to qualify for Major spots, the competition is sure to continue to heat up. But before that begins, let’s highlight some players for their fantasy performance during the Fall Cup.

North America

Aqua - Rogue
Price: 1600 Base Points: 619.38
Aqua returned to form in the Fall Cup, dominating the Rogue offense by averaging more than a goal a game. This performance catapulted him to the top of the NA fantasy leaderboard for the regional. During this event he also held a modest 0.38 APG and 1.83 SAPG, but his truly dominant play is shown with his incredible 460 average game score. Unfortunately for Aqua, his performance was cut short as Rogue went 0-3, again, in the Swiss format. The inconsistency with Rogue, leaves Aqua as the only viable fantasy player on the team, but even then, he is a risky pick. He could be on your radar for the Striker position, but there will typically be cheaper and safer options than Aqua.
Xpurt - 26Rising
Price: 1500 Base Points: 594.38
From Open Quals to the second highest fantasy points in NA, Xpurt put the region on notice. The team had a tough 1-3 tournament run, opening to G2 to then play an underrated Dignitas before being reverse swept by Optic. 26Rising still put up enough fight to add to the NA depth argument, but players like Xpurt are the ones to look out for as bigger teams are starting to take notice on buble scene talent. Truly everywhere, Xpurt led the team in goals and saves, 0.67 GPG & 2.87 SAPG, and carried an incredible 451 game score average. After winning the tie breaker to get seeded into the Fall Invitational, Xpurt will look to continue the momentum and have another successful fantasy outing. Look to add him in as a striker or defender.
2Piece - Shopify Rebellion
Price: 1500 Base Points: 570
Back to back spots on this list goes to show how talented this kid is. Even with a price increase, he backed it with a top 10 fantasy outing. Shopify was less aggressive this regional, and it showed with 2Piece as he only averaged 0.61 GPG, but was still the highest on the team in goal participation. He showed out through his defense, holding a 2.35 SAPG and average game score of 423.25. Shopify will continue to be tested as they start the Invitational against Furia, but will continue to play with a chip on their shoulder from starting the season ranked outside the top 16. 2Piece will look to further his dominant role on the team and should continue to be a great fantasy player.
Gimmick - Team Axle
Price: 1450 Base Points: 558.08
The veteran player shows he can still keep pace with these youngsters. Posting a solid 0.81 GPG, 2.06 SAPG, and 415.13 SCPG; Gimmick showed and continues to show that he belongs at the top. Last season came with consistent middle finishes, something he and Toastie looked to improve on after the departure of Lj. After back-to-back round 4 exits, Team Axle will need to figure something new out to achieve that goal. In the meantime, all players on this team are good options at a cheaper price point, especially Gimmick. Look to him as a Striker or Midfielder if picked up.

Honorable Mention

Comm - Version 1: Bounce-Back Player
Price: 1400 Base Points: 548.25
After the Fall Open, where Comm put up his lowest fantasy points (385.84) at an event in the past 2 seasons, he followed it up by marking a new personal highest fantasy score with 549.76 points. Coming off a regional win, Version1 is poised to lead the way in NA.


Kaydop - Solary
Price: 1400 Base Points: 662.25
Say it isn’t so. Kaydop is back at the top (of the fantasy charts). Sometimes in fantasy, it’s best for a player to play the least amount of games possible, something evident here after Solary’s 0-3 exit in swiss. During those 3 series, Solary was constantly on the back foot; creating a defensive master showing from the Solary squad. Kaydop led the team with an astronomical 3.42 SAPG creating a way for his outlier of a fantasy score. Solary will be back for the Invitational, and facing a top seed. If the Solary players continue to have a low price, they should be a lock as a defender for any fantasy team.
Eekso - Quadrant
Price: 1500 Base Points: 586.28
A veteran player who made a name for himself last season with Luminosity gaming. They, however, could never get past the bump in the middle of the road. Now on a new team with high quality teammates, eekso is looking to stake his claim in the RLCS. Quadrant's 2nd place finish in the regional and eekso’s top 5 fantasy performance, are great ways to do so. He is seeming like a very well rounded player on the team, keeping a 0.93 GPG, 0.86 APG, and 1.86 SAPG stat line. With Quadrant's hot start, and eekso stepping up at times, he will be an intriguing fantasy option moving forward. If picked up, he should be a fine siller at any position.
Radosin - Vitality
Price: 1500 Base Points: 565.31
Vitality was just being courteous and giving the rest of Europe a handing cap lead during the Fall Open. But now they’re back, and are making it known. The Fall Cup as Vitality dominantly pushed their way to the semi-finals, clearing the way for both Alpha54 and Radosin to appear in the top 10 fantasy performers. Radosin looked solid during the regional playing second fiddle to Alpha, but he held himself well with a 422.7 SCPG and 2.5 SAPG. With a roster spot on the line, Radosin will look to continue his strong defensive form and could maintain fantasy intrigue through the split. His fantasy output is very dependent on the teams overall performance, as Alpha54 will likely dominate most of the teams points if Vitality were to fall behind.
Ivn - Evil Geniuses
Price: 1400 Base Points: 558.38
Evil Geniuses are looking very similar to the falling short start of last season. They show that they can hang around with the top teams, but beating them is where the issue lies. One of the noticeable changes is Ivn taking charge with newcomer Tox. Ivn showed off with his 419 SCPG, 0.61 GPG and 2.33 SAPG, helping EG go 3-1 in the swiss stage. Since the Top 16 Qualifier, EG have shown they can be Swiss merchants, but looked rough getting swept out of the 1-life playoff stage. Each player needs to work out their kinks to reach the team's full potential, but that potential is there. Ivn will be at the top of the scoreboard again sometime this season, but until the inconsistencies are worked out, he will be a risky play in forethought.
Fairy Peak! - Solary
Price: 1350 Base Points: 558.38
This is the first and more than likely the last time we see multiple Solary players in the top 10 of fantasy scores. But while it’s here, let’s bask in the glory that is the Fairy Peak! & Kaydop duo. Like Kaydop, Fairy Peak! was the benefactor of a short tournament life that involved parking the bus. Fairy held a lackluster score line with 0.58 GPG and 0.33 APG but showed out with a 2.67 SAPG and 421.8 SCPG. Fairy Peak! will more than likely fall back to earth next regional, but moving forward, if he falls back below the 1450 price point, he makes a great last minute option as a defender.

Honorable Mention

AtomiK - G1: Consistency is Key
Price: 616.64 Base Points: 1740
AtomiK has been the only player in EU or NA to post a base fantasy score above 600 in both of the first two regionals. Even after being reverse swept out of the Fall Cup Swiss bracket, G1 and AtomiK should be poised to regain and gun for a major spot in the Invitational.