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Itachi rlcs player hyped up at tournament, with fantasy stats on fanrl homepage

Pick Your Fantasy RLCS Team and play with friends

How do you play
Fantasy Rocket League

Pick players for your fantasy team. The better your fantasy player does, the more points your team gets. The more points your team gets, the higher your fantasy rank will be on the leaderboard.

Key Factors

  • Each event you pick 6 players for your fantasy team
  • Change your lineup until the regional event starts
  • Every player has a price associated with them
  • You can spend up to the fantasy league salary cap
  • Fantasy Rocket League scoring is based on stat averages for the rlcs players games played
  • 2022 regions determine the available players
  • Create or join a fantasy league with your friends
FanRL Fantasy Rocket League RLCS Team Graphic

What is FanRL?

FanRL is a website where you can play Fantasy Rocket League online, and get the latest esports news. Follow the RLCS X season with us as we'll try to bring you roster updates, highlight plays, and original Rocket League content. Thank you to for providing us with the rocket league player and team stats. After each fantasy event we'll be posting fantasy player stats to highlight which players boomed and who bust. To view upcoming tournaments and see the latest roster changes go to Liquipedia rocket league.

We've complete our FanRL Beta Test for Fantasy Rocket League. Now we're ready for the RLCS X Spring Split! Psyonix put out a video describing the new RLCS X Format changes. Because of the format changes, FanRL may be making some Fantasy Rocket League changes of our own, so stay tuned.

Throughout the year we'll be adding rocket league community content and showcasing some of the passion of our Fans. We currently have rocket league wallpapers for you to download and show off. During the rlcs x we'll be posting news articles about roster moves, event stats, and fantasy rocket league insights.

If you haven't already signed up for fantasy rocket league you can register and play today! If you would like to know more about fantasy rlcs and fanrl, go to our about page