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FanRL is a fantasy rocket league website, built by the biggest fans in the rocket league esports. Rocket League is very similar to the traditional sport of soccer, which makes it easy to watch and understand the game. With that said, we try to make games even more enjoyable to watch by adding an interactive and fun way to pick pro players and compete against other people online. Our gaming web app is focused on providing a place for you to play fantasy rocket league with your friends, and serve you helpful RL Esports content, including grabbing some RLCS team wallpapers.

Created by our founder Dano back in November of 2019, the site aimed to bring friends together to share and complete in fantasy rlcs action. Fast forward to 2024, a dedicated community of passionate fans are having daily discussions about fantasy rocket league and rocket league the game itself.

With such an awesome group of people, we have big hopes for what FanRL can become. The RLCS is a major part of our fantasy site, but we're hoping to expand into other leagues, such as the CRL, MLE, and more. We'd like to give a quick shoutout to some the groups that help us make fantasy rlcs online and running:

  • Octane.gg | The FanRL main source of rocket league stats for both major and minor rocket league tournaments, expressed with a newly built website
  • Ballchasing.com | A helpful RL website to store and watch your game replays or pro rlcs players replays.
  • Liquipedia.net (Rocket League) | One of the biggest rocket league websites, liquipedia has info tournaments, players, teams, stats, and much more. definitely a great RLCS resource.

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We're always looking for passionate people to join our team. No matter what you do, whether you're a content creator, rlcs analyst, programmer, designer, or just a huge fantasy rocket league fan, you should come talk with us. Join our Discord