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Aucksey is a young and aspiring content creator that mixes both casting on Twitch and tournament coverage and analysis on Youtube. His hybrid of play-by-play casting and colour commentary creates a style that makes his streams both filled with information and useful stats & analysis of the overarching game. Casting is something that has gripped Aucksey for a long time, given that commentating was something his father used to do professionally, a level which he aspires to reach. He had a natural talent for understanding high intensity or fast paced situations, and since his interest in casting became apparent, he has attempted to hone his skills to bring them from pointless rambling to articulating the game and forming a decent casting style. His Youtube videos are (normally) short and sweet update videos on all high-level Rocket League tournaments. He also does informational videos on the upcoming FanRL tournaments, and how you could maximise your team’s score to win your league or, if you’re really smart, shoot for a top spot in the global leaderboard.
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July 1st, 2021